My research lies at the various interfaces of cosmology, gravitational physics and high energy physics. Thus far in my graduate work under the supervision of Dr. Stephon Alexander, I have focused mostly on two threads: higher spin cosmology, and modified theories of general relativity.

Higher spin cosmology: Although the standard model of particle physics includes particles up to spin-2 (including the graviton), there are motivations from string theory and elsewhere for studying ‘higher spin’ particles, which generically can have spin-s for bosons or spin-s+1/2 for fermions. Recently, there has been interest in applying the theory of higher spins to cosmology. Notably, the ‘cosmological collider physics’ program has explored potential imprints of higher spin particles in the cosmic microwave background. Recently, I introduced a scenario in which higher spin bosons could make up the elusive dark matter.

Modified theories of general relativity: With the advent of gravitational wave astronomy, there have been no significant deviations from general relativity observed. However, gravitational waves provide an excellent probe to constrain modified theories of general relativity. I have studied theories including noncommutative gravity, Chern-Simons theory and a theory which is an extension of GR which allows the cosmological constant to vary.

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